Sunday, January 6, 2008

single status

i donno how to explain this..but one thing for sure i wish to be so single..
im tired wif him... i wish i can find someone better for me..

hurm...this is the fames last word that i had said to someone... what to do..It over for now n then... so here 2008 my new resolution is to completely find better job for me.. Haih ckp pasal keje nie pening memmikirnya...keje dah ada dpn mata tp biase laa nk yg better lagi...hihi so last n last sy mengganggur dulu utk concentrate kat exam nie after this i hope the PTPK considered me for Pegawai IT... :P

wish to write it more...but the cartoon on tv show spinning on my kene tgk dulu...hehe..daa...

p.s dah update..puas ati romeo?..hihi